The Qwizdom is a Audience response system, interactive presentations, voting or response system. This system will engage, involve and empower audiences.

A little bit about Qwizdom…
We are suppliers of Audience Response Systems; you might know them as interactive Voting Systems or Learner Response Systems.
We all believe presentations should be interactive and involve everyone in the room. Our systems are designed to engage, involve and empower audiences of any size and in any situation, be it staff inductions, training, the boardroom, the annual conference, community engagement… the applications are endless.

Instant feedback and post-session reporting means presenters like you can respond quickly to results, easily measure learning outcomes and gauge the mood of the room. And because Qwizdom “works within PowerPoint”, its not only portable but really easy to use

Product Description

How does it work?

It’s simple

  • A presenter poses a question to the audience, either verbally or through PowerPoint.
  • Audience members consider their answer and respond using their interactive Qwizdom handset.
  • Results can be viewed privately or shown to the entire room in a bar-chart, pie-chart or participation list.
  • Post session, results are available instantly in Excel, “Flash” or PDF.