Da Vinci is the most affordable 3D printer of its capacity on the market

This printer, a first in the consumer-grade 3D printing industry, can scan objects up to 6 inches high and use the resulting 3D image to replicate them. Like other 3D printers, it can also use downloaded file images to create objects, too.

da Vinci prints high quality items that are 7.8’’x7.8’’x7.8’’ (20 x 20 x 20cm) which is 20%, on average, larger than what other 3D printers in its class can print.

Product Description

  • Plug-and-play Printer:
    da Vinci is an out-of-the-box printer that requires no assembly or equipment adjustment, making it one of the few genuine plug-and-play 3D printers available to consumers.
  • User-Friendly Filament: With easy-to-install filament cartridges users can easily refill the printer or switch colours.
  • Closed Printing Area: da Vinci’s all enclosed design protects users from the high temperatures required to print and ensures printing byproducts aren’t released outside the printing area.
  • Automatic Software Upgrades: With automatic software upgrades, da Vinci is always ready to print.
  • Smart Platform Auto Calibration: The distance between the nozzle and print-bed will be automatically calibrated to the best position to enhance print quality.
  • EZ Mode: da Vinci is equipped with a three-step EZ Mode designed to make 3D printing simple and painless for non-experienced users.

3D Design and Cloud
da Vinci includes XYZ World, a open-platform 3D cloud library, featuring thousands of easy-to-use, downloadable designs. XYZ World includes pre-loaded designs which users can modify and customise to their preference, or users can upload and share their own designs with the community. Featuring a user-generated five-star rating system, XYZ World makes printing items – from toys and jewellery, to housewares and tools – fun and easy.